July Portland Real Estate Market Action Report

  Here’s the new Portland Metro Real Estate Report. It’s really more of the same. About 2,000 less active listings while we actually listed about 300 more than last year at this time.  It’s a Seller’s Market indeed. But, as I’ve been saying, typically prices top out in July and that is showing in the chart.  It seems likely prices could drop some more as Summer ends which is good for buyer’s. Seller’s in good areas with good homes that have been staged right will Continue reading →

July 2015 Portland Market Action Report

This has been a rare year so far.  Inventory has shrunk for four straight months and it might continue for a couple more months.  As you see in the chart below, we actually have a normal amount of homes hitting the market, but the buyer’s are grabbing them faster than donuts on a breakroom table on a Friday. This might be actually be the best time to list your home.  New listings typically ease off around this time of year but we see that sales Continue reading →

The June Shift Has Happened Again

If you’ve talked to me lately, you’ve heard me say that for the last few years prices have topped out in July.  In February or March we notice the market speeding up and get a lot of multiple offer situations, especially in good neighborhoods. Well, the shift has happened. I wondered if we had enough momentum to carry us deeper into the Summer but it doesn’t look like it.  I saw a thread of local Realtors talking about how they noticed the shift. It means Continue reading →

I Don’t Double-End Sales (Representing Both Sides)

There’s two kinds of dual agency. One is where two people from the same office are helping the seller and buyer respectively.  The other kind is when one agent represents both the buyer and seller. Agents call it double-ending or double-siding sales.  While I have a couple of friends I truly respect and trust that will do this, it is just something I cannot do. Would you want the same person coaching you and the opposing team at the same time? Of course not. How can I truthfully Continue reading →

Things To Do In Portland April 17-19

April 17 – 26th Hood River Valley Blossom Festival April 17 – 18th Cascade Brewing Barrel House Wild & Sour Invitational April 17 – 19th OMSI Sci Fi Film Festival April 17th Starting tonight, Blade Runner at the Hollywood Theater in 33mm print. Harrison Ford is young! April 17 – 18th 11th Annual Art of Storytelling FREE April 18th Record Store Day April 18 – 19th NW Pet Fair April 18th Chocolate Decadence Tour April 19 – 19th Linework NW Portland’s premier festival of illustration. Continue reading →

Hot Market: Bubble Or Not?

Unfortunately, the truth is we won’t know if it’s a bubble until much later down the road. Fortunately this market is different then the market ten years ago. Wow, time flies. So what makes this different than 2005-2007?  Up until 2007 or so, if you could fog up a mirror, you could get a loan. There had a been a loan out there for self-employed types or others with variable but consistent income where they just needed to state their income if they had good Continue reading →

Lowest Home Inventory In Three Years

It’s a great time to be a seller.  December inventory is the lowest it has been in a long time. While the inventory was down, for the year sales are up, pendings were up and listings were up.  Which all means the amount of buyers has increased as well which led to prices rising 7%+ for the year. And if all of that wasn’t good enough news, all of my mortgage contacts were ringing the bell today and yesterday that rates dropped. So if you Continue reading →

“What My Realtor Said” – My Perspective

I came across an article on WiseBread titled, “5 Things Our Realtor Told Us That Weren’t True.”  I knew it wouldn’t likely be a glowing report for Realtors so I wanted to see what was said.  If you read my blog you know that I have issues with what goes on in my industry so I am no blind cheerleader. There are around a million Realtors and I am speaking for myself well aware that there are bad people in every profession. 1. “It’s a Continue reading →

Realtor “White Lies”

  I was at a restaurant years ago and asked if they Coke.  The waitress said yes and came back with RC. I didn’t used to hate it, I just disliked the taste. Now I hate it because restaurants try to pawn it off as Pepsi or Coke and I have to ask more specifically to make sure they are giving me what I am really asking for.  If the waitress lied to me I have to guess that it gets by people often enough Continue reading →