I Help Agents Get Unstuck

The Most Common Agent Needs

85% of solo-entrepreneurs need help in one of these areas. You are not the only one.

Feeling Ready

Does it feel that you can't take enough classes and you just need to learn one more thing before you can take action?

Having A Clear Path

Do you have stacks of playbook, blueprints, and plans but you just can't decide which path is "The One Right Path"?

Confidence To Take Action

Or if you do take action, do you take it out of frustration and it is a haphazard move?

I'm Here To Help

Mike Rohrig, Certified Coach and 20+ Year Licensed Real Estate Agent

Almost no one is prepared for the way they are tested as a real estate agent. 

Everyone is tested in ways they didn’t expect and they think they are the only one dealing with it.

Once they realize how little the real estate exam prepares them, they see how little they know about how to practice or run a real estate business.

I’ve experienced this myself and seen it in countless agents.

I don’t coach “Just do it!” like others do. There are many reasons why you are stuck. It’s like a combination code we have to crack. I’ve done it for others. I can do it for you.

Let’s Get Unstuck.

Ready. Aim. ROAR.

The belief that you need more training or playbooks to start is called the Toolbox Fallacy. And it kills careers like a mirage in the desert distracting you.

It’s time to take action!

Together, we will discover the path that aligns with your values, help you create a compelling vision and discover the best accountability method to keep you on track to hit your goals.

The only reason to be in business for yourself is to live your best life. Let’s get you there with your hunger and my experience. 

Three Ways We Can Work Together

Confidence Club

This group is for agents struggling with self-confidence. You need to buid the right kind of internal confidence and external confidence.


This group is for introverted agents that are trying to figure out how to navigate in a sea of extroverts. As a fellow introvert, I can help.

Action Committe

This is group coaching for people who know what they want to do but need that support and accountability to take consistent action.

1-On-1 Coaching

Group settings have their place and can be powerful but nothing can equal the change that can come out of private conversations.


How Does It Work?

Three Steps To Finally Taking Action On Your Dreams

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The Path

Remove the internal roadblocks and forge a path.

& Win

Or if you do take action, it's out of frustration and it is a haphazard move? And when that doesn't work you back to planning?

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