Working With Buyers

Here’s what some of my past clients have said.

Buying is an interesting and complicated process. I see myself as a Presidential advisor. My job is to give you advice based on 15 years of experience and training. You ultimately make the decisions, just like a President.

One thing that I do slightly different than many agents is to point out issues with the house. The typical homeowner changes homes every seven years. That means you will be a seller at some point and have to deal with issues about the home.

My job is to help you from the beginning of the buying process through the maze of paperwork to closing. I have a list of professionals to help with mortgages, inspections. sewer scopes and more.

The last thing, and one that I think is very important, is that I don’t represent buyers and sellers on the same home. Sadly, this sets me a part from a lot of agents.

I see real estate as a service industry not a sales industry and you can’t serve both parties at once.