How We Sell

90+% of buyers start their home search online, even before they talk to an agent or a mortgage professional.  We gear our efforts and marketing to entice as many buyers as possible to see your home so you get the best price possible.

While we can list your house in one day, for best results we prefer to have more lead time to set up your home and the marketing just right.

Part 1 is getting the home in order and pricing it correctly.  We have staging consultants that will give you a free consultation and offer the best ideas to make your house look like a million bucks, or more.

Part 2 is getting your home in showing condition and taking the professional photos and 3D rendering of your home’s interior (it’s like Google Maps.)

Part 3 is getting all of the marketing ready, including postcards to neighbors, letting other agents know this fantastic home is coming to market, ordering the sign and flyers. We also include a website on homes where we feel it will help sell the home.

Part 4 is the day it hits the market and the planned Open House and Broker’s Tour.



What happens during the time it’s listed?
You will be given feedback on showings just after I receive them.  You will be given a weekly report on showings and web traffic for the MLS listing and your home’s website if applicable.  Not all homes sell in 4 days and if that is the case with your you will be given a weekly update whether it’s good news, bad news, or no news.

You seem to do more than other agents, do you cost more?
No, we charge less than most expect.