What is a Moving Mob?


Imagine only being requested to help a friend move one single box, give a high five, and get on with your Saturday. Wouldn’t that be nice? I mean. it’s always a Saturday isn’t it?

The same friend that would take a bullet for you will likely find an excuse not to help you move. Why? Because moving sucks and it’s usually disorganized as hell.

When someone imagines helping someone move they think of sweat, dusty boxes, two people arguing over the tetris like qualities of each box, garbage bags of crap you didn’t get packed in time, the caravan to the next house, the constant indecison of where each box goes to the point where you just say, “I’ll drop it here and let you guys figure it out, waiting for the random pizza, no plates, no toilet paper, and so on and so on.  A bullet is much quicker than the ordeal of moving.  And it always takes longer than anyone really guesses, and the truck is usually late.

It’s not that your friends don’t love you, it’s just that all of their experiences tell them this move will suuuuuuuuck.

So I have a new concept to reduce just about every detail of the suck that is helping friends move, the Moving Mob. It’s like a flash mob for moving and lasts about as long as a song. Promise your friends that they only have to move one item.  You will give them a high five or a hug. This will depend on your personal relationship to them and their personal hygiene.  They are under no obligation to fill a box or carry a garbage bag full of junk drawer stuff.

Rules for Moving Mob

  • They only need to move one item.
  • They do not have to move anything in a garbage bag.
  • They do not have to pack anything.
  • They will recieve one high five or hug.
  • They can leave without guilt.


  • Some people only have 15 minutes on the way somewhere else and they feel guily moving one box. You relieve them of that guilt
  • They might move two boxes
  • Some people will show up smiling knowing they can leave at anytime.

Possible flaws in the concept.

  • You just gave someone an out who felt guilty enough to help the whole day.
  • Organizing the first half is easier than timing the second half.
  • The bigger the house the more people you need.

So that’s my concept and I will be trying it out Saturday (of course) May 25th.  So email me, text me, twitter me, facebook me or call me if you want to participate in a grand experiment that will only take five minutes.

UPDATE: My idea was ahead of it’s time. Too odd for people to grasp so it didn’t really change anything.