The Hardest Part

The hardest part of being an agent is consistency. Each agent seems to have their own personal cycle and mine has shown up as well. For some reason October has always been busy for me and this one has been no exception. It is tough to take care of the clients and have time to do the little things, like searching for new business, keeping up on advertising and doing a blog.

This creates the feast and famine moments of real estate as well as explaining why the average career length is 1.7 years. Remember that there are many agents with 25+ years. To bring the average down that low, there have to be some quick washouts.

If you were to get an accepted offer the first day, you wouldn’t have the check until about 45 days later if it stayed together. On top of that there is training to learn many of the in and outs.

So this is all to say that it is tough to come up with daily blogs and hope you will keep checking back.