I Don’t Double-End Sales (Representing Both Sides)

There’s two kinds of dual agency. One is where two people from the same office are helping the seller and buyer respectively.  The other kind is when one agent represents both the buyer and seller. Agents call it double-ending or double-siding sales.  While I have a couple of friends I truly respect and trust that will do this, it is just something I cannot do.

Would you want the same person coaching you and the opposing team at the same time? Of course not.

How can I truthfully represent both sides at once? How can I try to make the best deal for both sides? Sure, win-win is nice but part of my job is to use my experience and negotiating skills to get the best terms for my clients and I have not found a way to do that simultaneously for two competing sides, and I won’t try.

But wait, you might be thinking, if you list my house I want you to sell it too.  I do sell your home, through marketing, copywriting, professional photos, the endless internet and my professional contacts.  When people ask what sets me apart from other agents, this is step one.