How A Simple Box Will Making Moving Day Easier

Unless you have an army of people or movers that are helping you unpack, here are some things you should store away in a separate box. Paper towels – There will be food in the middle of this process, or at least snacking.  Something will break and drip, or something just won’t be clean enough for you. Garbage bags – See above, plus you’ll throw away more than you think from your previous residence. All purpose cleaner – See above Paper plates, plastic utensils, and Continue reading →

Tips For Staying Cool In Portland Without AC

The Portland area is great. We don’t get too hot and we don’t get too cold. We (usually) get a week or so of snow in the winter and a week’s worth of high 90’s and 100 degree days in Summer. A lot of homes in the area don’t have air conditioners. I have written about whole house fans before which I am surprised aren’t more prolific in the Northwest. But with us looking at possible 100 degree days I thought I would give some Continue reading →

“What My Realtor Said” – My Perspective

I came across an article on WiseBread titled, “5 Things Our Realtor Told Us That Weren’t True.”  I knew it wouldn’t likely be a glowing report for Realtors so I wanted to see what was said.  If you read my blog you know that I have issues with what goes on in my industry so I am no blind cheerleader. There are around a million Realtors and I am speaking for myself well aware that there are bad people in every profession. 1. “It’s a Continue reading →

What is a Moving Mob?

Imagine only being requested to help a friend move one single box, give a high five, and get on with your Saturday. Wouldn’t that be nice? I mean. it’s always a Saturday isn’t it? The same friend that would take a bullet for you will likely find an excuse not to help you move. Why? Because moving sucks and it’s usually disorganized as hell. When someone imagines helping someone move they think of sweat, dusty boxes, two people arguing over the tetris like qualities of Continue reading →

How Zillow Is Inadvertently Helping My Business

I’m not worried about Zillow and Trulia like some agents.  Actually I’m all about open information, and that is what Zillow gives, to a point.  But only up to a point, and that is how their product actually helps me. One issue that agents have with Zillow is the Zestimate which Zillow’s estimate of the value of your home as a price range.  From Zillow’s website:  Remember, the Zestimate is a starting point and does not consider all the market intricacies that can determine the Continue reading →

When A Realtor Sells Their Own Home Part 2

I can’t get too deep in the details of selling this home but we got four offers in two days.  The pricing was not fun, which I will talk about when the deal is over. By far the most interesting aspect of this is watching Jessie, my girlfriend.  I get to watch her from a Realtor’s perspective and as someone involved in the transaction with her. I learned recently that a doctors group did a study and found that only 20% of what a doctor Continue reading →

When A Realtor Sells Their Own Home Part 1

When I first got into real estate I remember being told, “You should buy and sell your own home every four years so you stay in touch with how tough the process can be mentally.”  It is tough. It’s been reported that it can as stressful as a death in the family. On Saturday we scrubbed the siding in the porch area which wasn’t fun.  The way it is set, it traps breezes which is great during the summer, but when the door is closed Continue reading →

Zen And Patience From Car Troubles

I have a degree in psychology. I read a lot about mindfulness. I try to practice patience and control over my emotions but these last two weeks I realized I wasn’t nearly as in control as I thought. To keep this short I will give the briefest of details. Dropped my car off at the mechanic for engine and brake repairs Returned to pick it up four days later (weekend) Realized my emergency brake didn’t work One guy said they knew but couldn’t figure it Continue reading → Continue reading →